Volvo Buddencer Ride in Tschappina

10. February 2019

A last sunny weekend in January invited the SnowBuddies team to visit the mountain landscape around Tschappina. Ten capable Buddencers joined our group and were driven up to the Lüschegghütte with a group of brand new Volvo cars.


In view of a strenuous Sunday, most of the fellow travellers took it easy on Saturdays. A few pistes were ripped off and many photos were taken.


After a relaxed Saturday evening, with a refreshing challenge for some clothes from UYN Sports, the early day watch followed on Sunday morning.


As soon as all the equipment was ready, they immediately set off from the hut into the mountain world of Tschappina. Wonderful views and descents left no time for tiredness. But in the evening, when they arrived in the valley, everyone was happy about the Volvo cars, which were ready to drive the tired limbs back up to the hut.
With strengthened limbs, a clear head and many wonderful photos, all the buddies drove back to the lowlands at the end of the weekend.


Photos of: Kai Grossmann / @wildlicht