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Buddies Coffee Abo of

1 year every month 250g climate-neutral Fairtrade Bio Arabica directly from the farm.

We sell cafe for our friends, because it is worth bringing this hammer coffee to as many palates as possible.

You can find out more about Rebes Cafe here:


The subscription is probably the fairest of all ways to drink coffee. So Pablo can plan the harvest in Costa Rica.

For one year you get the desired amount at the beginning of the month.

With the Buddies you pay the 12 months at one time (CHF 118.80.- plus 12x8.- for the shipping fee per month), the coffee will be delivered to you carefree every month. From 1 kg per month the shipment is free of charge.


That's how much coffee you need:


1 cup per day: 250g per month

2 cups per day: 500g per month

3 cups per day: 750g per month

4 cups per day 1000g per month


Change requests? Renew?  Other mode of payment? Contact Rebecca directly.


Per whatsapp +41766500913


By e-mail:


CHF 214.8